A geographical information system remains the modern and optimal solution for the territory management. It represents a real issue of development and management.

It is accordingly that COMETE offers a range of competences, services and data-processing tools entirely dedicated to a numerical cartography service adapted to the needs for each one for the development of geographical and environmental informations.

Our services :

Production of data source for the GIS

  • Digitalization and vectorization of plans (urban data, networks, geological data…)

  • Photo-interpretation

  • Production of map funds (Raster and vector)

  • Field Study

Geographical Information System

  • Design and modeling of the geographical data bases

  • Geomarketing

  • Installation and development of trades applications

  • Development of space analysis, mixing a geographical and geomatic approach

  • GIS Design of projects for a mapping application.


  • Production of cartographic documents and creation of geolocalized data

  • Numerical restitution on various scales

  • Production of Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

  • Mapping 3D

  • Thematic mapping