Thanks to its multidisciplinary teams of specialized Engineers and project managers, COMETE Engineering carries out prestigious projects in the institutional, commercial and industrial sectors. Its intervention covers all the stages of a project cycle, from the systems preliminary conception to the delivery of the works.

Strategic studies & Consulting

Within a context of globalization of approaches and issues, economic operators, governments or private firms need to build their development policies and strategies in a relevant, coherent and global competitive way.

Transport Infrastructures

In terms of transport infrastructures, COMETE Engineering expertise covers the creation, rehabilitation, modernization and maintenance. It is concerned with projects of rural and agrarian roads, railroads, classified networks and highways.

Development & Urbanism

The planning and development department of COMETE Engineering targets to track urban and spatial changes to participate in defining the policies of spatial planning and development of the city.

Industry & Energy

COMETE Engineering has established itself a long time ago as a major player in the industrial sector both at the level of project engineering and its management development.


A geographical information system remains the modern and optimal solution for the territory management. It represents a real issue of development and management.


COMETE Engineering skills cover all the water fields. It revolves around the issue of managing water resources, seeking to ensure the adequacy between supply and need, in order to preserve the environment and the quality.


COMETE Engineering's concern for environment has a multidimensional approach involving the concept of sustainable development.